November 17 2019

He refuses to name what he has become and he is dead set on pretending he can keep going the way he always has.

What happens when a Kpop idol who is used to being in the limelight is cursed to live in the shadows?

Five years have passed since he resigned himself to live alone in one of Flair Entertainment's properties in the heart of Seoul. According to the agreement he has with the company, he's sworn to maintain the lie that he is too ill to perform, or risk never being able to share his art ever again.

Relying on his sister's weekly visits, his only confidant in this secret arrangement, Iseul is lost when she suddenly starts to distance herself. While he holds on to the status quo, producing songs and writing lyrics like before, the new realities of his cursed life—the endless hunger, the threat of otherworldly enemies, the now forbidden spotlight and the isolation that comes with his inability to blend in—threaten to send him over the edge.

Sun-Kissed is a low fantasy tale of isolation, regret, longing and familial bond that will resonate with any Kpop fan who knows the struggle idols face daily. The controlled image of perfection they project can so easily crumble. It takes a single comment or kind gesture taken out of context, or one maliciously spread rumor to cast an idol out of the spotlight permanently.

Iseul must manage to balance the endless hunger and his dream. If he cannot, he risks revealing the existence of his kind to the rest of the world and cause a one of a kind scandal for his label.

He is...

a cursed creature who fights his nature to remain human

an artist who gives in to an industry built on lies

a brother who traps his sister with his endless needs

a lover spurned who takes his revenge

a man who comes to terms with his own death




Note: 50% of all revenues from the sale of this novel will go to various charities.

Any similarities with existing groups, people, events and songs are purely coincidental. This is a work of fiction.

Website Picture and Book Cover Credit: steveroe_ on Unsplash see link below