• K. Lemay

Welcome to my Little Corner of the World

I might have jumped a little quickly into the important stuff and neglected to greet you all. The Monbebe Project page sort of served as the welcoming page, but I probably should have made another one on the blog directly. So, without further ado, welcome!

As I write this, I have just submitted the eBook for official release on Amazon. I thought they had a 24h wait time for review, but it can actually be up to a 72 hour delay. Hopefully, the book goes live on November 17 as planned. At any rate, it should be up for purchase by November 19 tops (unless something goes horribly wrong). I hope everyone likes it or hates it intensely. Somehow, as long as it elicits some reaction, I kind of feel like it will have achieved its purpose.

As for the paperback, I am expecting to receive my proof copy by November 27. Once I confirm that it looks good, that the cover is not pixelated, that the margins don't cut off any words and that the lyrics are well centered on each page, I will put the paperback version up for sale on Amazon.

Here's a preview of the cover of the Paperback with the little synopsis blurb.

Please rate, review, comment, e-mail, share, do whatever is necessary to get this book out in the world. I'm counting on you.

And that's all the greetings and news for today!

Cover Image Credit: @steveroe_ on Unsplash