• K. Lemay

Second Donation After Wonho's Return

Finally, Wonho's back! We still don't know in what capacity, whether he will keep working with Monsta X or do his own thing, but it's okay. For now, we know he's still going toward his dream, and that's what matters.

Here's the last donation in Monsta X's name I will make for some time. I'll choose another artist in whose name to give later.

I'll work on another story for now and try to get it published traditionally. We'll see how that goes. Considering COVID-19 is making life difficult for already published authors and most literary agents around the world, the priority won't be new publications and sales for a bit, so my chances of being picked up and published traditionally are slimmer than they ever were.

You'll see below the last payment I received for the last sales of my novel. I don't believe I sold any other copy since, so this will be the last donation for a bit. To celebrate Wonho's return, I'll give the entirety of the revenues. The amount is already small enough as it is, I don't see myself cutting it in half.

So the last payment is for an amount of 15,18$ CAD. I'm donating the amount to Unicef like last time.

I'll keep you updated if I do sell other copies of my novel in the near future. And if so, I'll make other updates with donations. I don't believe I will make new sales though, so donations might stop completely for a while. My novel is simply not being found on Amazon among the millions of other novels. Don't worry if you do not see any updates soon, it will simply be because I haven't sold anything. And that's okay. I have to keep building my readership.

P.S. Thank you, Wonho, for coming back to us. I hope we will do you honour in the future so that you can always be proud that we are your Monbebe.