• K. Lemay

First Royalties and Poem Quote ;)

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

So I just got the first royalty payment from Amazon a few days ago. As you can see below, the amount is rather small, as to be expected for a new author, plus it's just a Kindle sale, so I won't be doing a donation in Monsta X's name just yet. The next payment for the paperback volumes I sold should be a bit larger and will make a better donation. I will have a happy screenshot for the donation to show in a month, most likely!

To celebrate the first money I ever make selling a novel, I'm posting one of the songs from my book. It's the only song I wrote entirely in Korean. Since Amazon has all rights for online publication of my book (excerpts also) at the moment (my choice), I cannot quote the lyrics exactly as they are in the Kindle edition. This means I can post the excerpt in Hangeul though, as the original is written in romanized Korean. ;)

Please be aware that my Korean is not the best. I had help from better Korean learners and a Korean teacher so that the poem could make some sense, but there may be mistakes. This was intended as a challenge for myself as I wanted to write a a 삼행시, sam-haeng-si, or three-line poem. In this case, a four-line poem (x3). If you've ever watched a Korean variety show, you know what it is.

어쩔 수 없어

누리는 여름에, 친구랑 같이

구슬 놀이 했고, 술래잡길 했어. 끝

없이. 별 탈 없이. 아침부터 밤까지.

어린이는 오고있는 어둠을 안 보네.

누나, 우리는 매일 나무 밑에 만났어.

구름이 네 눈 안에 징후 였어.

없애는 사랑이 아프다고 말했어.

어느 날, 우리에게는 말 하나 남게됐어.


누구 였져? 네 이름이 뭐 였져?

구석구석 찾아 봐. 웃는 얼굴이 추억 만 있을뿐이야.

없어지는 사랑이 좀 있을뿐이야.

어긋나는 연인들은 거리에 스쳐 지날지 몰라.

낯선 사람처럼

I had to cut a few back vocal lyrics at the end of some of the lines in the final version of the novel. When romanized, most lines became too long and it broke the symmetry of the poem when I was doing the formatting for the paperback version. I am not a professional editor, so fixing the issue meant cutting those back vocal lines. Maybe someday I'll find a way to publish them.