• K. Lemay

First Donation and Wonho's Birthday

Turns out I received my first royalties payment this week, so for Wonho's birthday, I am able to make the announced donation to Unicef today. I am so happy that I get to do this, and though the donation may not be much, it is 50% of my revenues from my first novel. Every little bit helps, though, and I am happy I can take part in Wonho's birthday too even if we still have no news after all those months still.

For Wonho: Happy birthday Wonho, and thank you for being such a great role model. I wouldn't have thought to do this if it weren't for you. You've shown me to pay the world back for what it can give me. I hope you're having a great day despite the clouds lately, and that you're eating ramyun to your heart's content.

For readers: See below the total amount of royalties I made since the book release. I want to be as transparent as can be, so you can see exactly how much a new self-published author makes at the same time. The exact 50% of the below amount is 14,23$.

The proof of donation in Wonho's name is below. Obviously, I hid my personal information.

So here it is. I don't believe I will make a new donation quickly, unless my book starts selling a lot more. We'll see.

Whenever it makes sense again, I will make another donation like this and report, though I am not selling the novel as much as would be ideal to make frequent donations. It's okay, though. It is a first novel, and it may be hard for people to choose to buy it as I am unknown and I don't have the greatest marketing campaign ever.

I am working on a new novel. As I build my reader base, marketing won't be as big of an issue, I think. I'll keep you posted!

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